k+r strategies is a collaborative, majority Black owned change navigation firm that centers equity and justice.

k+r strategies is a collaborative, majority queer, and Black-owned change navigation firm that centers equity and justice. Katherine MacHolmes and Rachel Grossman founded k+r in response to an ever rapidly shifting landscape of social change and the need to support a renewed demand for diversity and inclusion within for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Their combined nearly 40-years of antiracism and anti-oppression training, activism, facilitation, education, leadership development, organizational change management, and live and online event production form a solid foundation from which to offer humane, adaptable, and responsive services. 

k+r’s core values are rooted in equity and justice. This grounding is evident in our work with partners, and in our internal practices. We believe in:

  • centering and amplifying historically oppressed identities, lived experiences, and perspectives 
  • growing and strengthening the internal capacity of each individual within an organization, and supporting individuals in locating and moving into their own power 
  • normalizing and operationalizing just practices to build an organization that remains resilient in the face of social change
  • embracing the whole human experience, affirming the full range of emotions, in order to shift this challenging work to joyful labor

k+r is compelled to partner with organizations whose work improves the lives of their constituents, and to ensure their approach to those constituencies is antiracist, anti-oppressive, and just.

Our approach is rooted in emergent strategy⏤growing and managing complex systems and being in right relationship with one another⏤and focuses on culture-shifting. We emphatically reject that workshops are “the work.” 

Our strategies build the capacity of individual humans within institutions. We cultivate people over structures and policies because when we transform ourselves, all that we interact with is transformed. 

Our methodology is inspired by and rooted in the perspectives of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, Queer, and femme thought leaders, and we integrate into our work a multiplicity of disciplines, art forms, ideologies, philosophies, and cultures. 

Our process typically begins with rapport-building. We develop relationships with our partners through an orientation and equity audit, which helps us understand an organization’s culture and informs the rest of our partnership .

who is k?

Katherine MacHolmes (she) is a native North Omahan, born and raised.  A graduate of Benson High School, a community theater artist, writer and lifelong activist and advocate, Katherine is the co-founder of an anti-oppression, equity and justice strategy firm, k+r strategies. Incredibly passionate about liberation, community healing and art, she finds that collective community processes are the closest form of liberation that we can achieve in imperfect systems. @katt_theatrix

who is r?

Rachel Grossman (she) was born and raised in smaller mid-sized cities in MI, OH, and IA. She’s a theatre director and collaborative playwright, audience engagement strategist, and activist for antiracism/anti-oppression. Before k+r, she consulted organizations in change navigation from an inclusion and equity lens, and produced and facilitated antiracism/anti-oppression learning spaces for non-profit organizations, theatre artists, and yoga practitioners. @rgindc

who else is on the team?

Jazzy Davis (they) is an arts administrator, facilitator, and resource compiler based in Washington, DC. Jazzy is interested in thought-dumping as a form of inquiry and inquiry as a form of response.

Hannah Fenlon (she) is a cultural strategist and arts administrator with a background in the performing arts and higher education. She is deeply interested in the power of bringing people together to increase our sense of shared purpose and improve our social infrastructure, and is committed to supporting groups seeking justice and liberation from white supremacy. She previously served as the Associate Director of Conferences and Fieldwide Learning for Theatre Communications Group (TCG), the Alumni and Communications Manager for artEquity, and currently serves as an antiracism facilitator, leading trainings for arts and nonprofit organizations and collectives across the country.

Our Partners